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My Wife Survived a Brain Tumor

Mr. Sunil Malhotra

November 21, 2017

For six years, my wife, Kamlesh had been suffering from severe headaches. Like most of us probably do, Kamlesh would use painkillers like Crocin and Disprin to treat herself. While these medications often provided immediate relief, the headaches did not stop. In fact, they started becoming frequent and more intense in nature.

One day, while going up the elevator in our building, Kamlesh suddenly felt extreme pain. She slumped down on the floor of the elevator, barely able to move and kept holding her head tightly. I realized that these were no common headaches and took her immediately to a doctor. We went to a general physician who gave her an injection and a few painkillers. Everything seemed under control. But the headaches came back after a while and with a vengeance. By now, we had moved cities and I had to visit yet another new doctor. As we were in a new city, I took Kamlesh to a different doctor who in turn advised us to visit Dr. Kamal Verma at the Asian Institute of Medical Sciences.

By this time, both Kamlesh and I were wary of doctors, having had no success or permanent cure with all the past consultations. So, I decided to check the reviews about Dr Verma on the Practo App. In hindsight, I am so glad I did. His previous patients’ testimonials were convincing, and I felt he might be able to help us.

Dr. Verma treated us with great care. He assured us that he would find the root cause of my wife’s suffering and not just focus on getting rid of the symptoms. I felt that he genuinely wanted to help us.

On his advice, Kamlesh underwent an MRI scan. The results showed that she had a 3-centimetre sized tumour in her brain. We were devastated. My wife had had a tumour in her brain for nearly 6 years and none of the previous doctors had been able to pinpoint it. Anything could have happened to her in this time. Dr. Verma advised brain surgery to remove the tumour. Both Kamlesh and I were terrified by the idea, but Dr. Verma was very calm and reassuring. We put our faith in him and went ahead. And we were not disappointed. Dr. Verma himself performed the surgery and the tumour was removed successfully.

It is such a relief today to see Kamlesh doing well. All thanks to this brilliant man. Our experience with him has been phenomenal. I would recommend him to all my relatives and friends even for generic problems, in order to get a proper diagnosis. Nowadays, every time we visit him for follow-ups, it feels like we are chatting with a friend. We feel very lucky to have had him as our Doctor. Thank you very much, Dr. Verma for treating my wife and to Practo for helping us make the decision to go to him!

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