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Doing Away with the Stones of my Life!

Mr. Shashank Saxena

April 18, 2018

The year 2017 didn’t exactly start with a bang for me. It was in the month of January that I started having excruciating pain in the right side of my lower abdomen. The pain was consistent and would last for about ten minutes. Over time, the frequency of these painful bouts started increasing. Every time the pain struck, I would double up in extreme distress. When I visited my neighbourhood general physician and got an ultrasound done, I was told that I was suffering from kidney stones. He prescribed a medication for the removal of the stones. The medication would help dissolve the stones over a few months. My situation started to improve and the pain subsided considerably with the medication. I took this as a sign that my problem had been solved.

Unfortunately, in April 2017, I was faced with another terrible bout of pain. It was on the same right side of the lower abdomen. This time, I decided to go to a specialist and started looking for a good urologist with credible experience in his field. I asked some of my relatives and friends for suggestions. They recommended Dr. Tarique Naseem of Sri Sai Hospital in Moradabad. Though his location was far from my home in Noida, I decided to take a shot and visit him. I looked him up on Practo and booked an appointment with him. Incidentally, I have been using Practo for over a year now. I stumbled upon Practo last year during my search online for a gynaecologist for my wife, when she was pregnant with our first child. Since then, I have been booking all medical appointments on the Practo App.

Upon my visit, Dr. Naseem made me feel at ease almost immediately. He was patient and kind and listened to my case in detail. He wasn’t dismissive and explained the reasons behind the reoccurrence of kidney stones. He advised me on certain lifestyle changes I needed to make. He then asked me to get an ultrasound to ascertain my problem. When the results came, I was informed by Dr. Naseem that this time I had an 8.5mm sized stone in my urethra. This revelation made me very anxious. However, Dr. Naseem assured me that it was a common problem. He said that I needed to undergo an operation for the stone’s removal as it was quite large and plain medication would not help. Ultimately, I had to undergo two operations. In the first round, a stent was inserted in my urethra, and in the second, it was removed. Both operations went smoothly, and I felt absolutely comfortable throughout the course of the treatment. I knew Dr. Naseem was a caring doctor, and I could trust him. He prescribed some post-operation aftercare medication that I would have to take to avoid the formation of stones, for a few months.

Today, I feel absolutely relieved that my problems have been solved. I am happy that I got connected to Dr. Naseem. I would recommend him any day to anyone who is suffering from a urological problem. If you have a problem, be assured that Dr. Naseem will find the right cure for it. I am perfectly healthy now and it’s all due to Dr. Naseem’s efforts. Thank you, Doctor!

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