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No Slip Operations for Slip Disks Anymore

Mrs. Sangeeta Sengupta

December 8, 2017

Being an IT professional, my job usually entails sitting at a desk and working for 10 to 12 hours a day. As we all know, most health practitioners today insist that sitting consistently for long hours has its health repercussions. I believe this was the inherent cause of the health problem I was facing a few months ago. I would feel acute pain in both my legs off and on and find sitting at my workstation extremely uncomfortable at times. Initially, I didn’t attach much importance to the pain, hoping it would subside on its own. I would usually try different sitting postures so as to ease my discomfort, but sometimes the pain wouldn’t leave me alone. I soon realized that my condition was beginning to get worse, when one day, the pain caused my legs to freeze for a moment in a way that I was unable to move an inch.

On another day, while driving to work, I got stuck at a traffic signal. All of a sudden, while waiting for the green light, I found my car sliding backwards. With both my hands on the steering wheel, I immediately pressed the clutch and brake with all the strength in my legs. In the span of a few seconds, I felt an unbearable shooting pain rising in my back. This incident left me feeling very anxious and worried about my condition. With this abnormal pain having persisted for around three months by this time, my friends and colleagues suggested I visit a doctor without further delay. With that, I began to look for a worthy Neurologist online. I stumbled upon Dr. Ray on the Practo App. He was conveniently located close to my home and his profile consisted of positive reviews from his patients. I decided to pay him a visit and promptly booked an appointment. Dr. Ray responded quickly with a request for a change in the appointment date. He proposed a date over the weekend and I agreed without a thought.

In my first meeting with Dr. Ray, he was able to pinpoint the cause of my pain accurately. He also asked me to undergo a few tests at a preferred diagnostics centre to confirm his diagnosis. Interestingly, unlike most doctors, Dr. Ray can always be reached on his phone, any time of the day or night. Every time I call Dr. Ray, he answers himself. One look at the test results and he was sure of his diagnosis. He explained my condition to me in detail and simplified medical technicalities using diagrams. I was informed that I was suffering from a slip disk condition and a section of my lower back spinal cord had shifted position. Together, both these issues were the primary cause of my abnormal pain. Dr. Ray advised me that undergoing surgery overtime was the best possible way to permanently remedy my situation. But because spine surgery is usually risky, he suggested that it could wait for some time. In the meanwhile, I was to take specific medications for my condition.

These days, where most doctors prescribe a long list of medicines for simple ailments to their patients, Dr. Ray asked me to take just two good medicines. One had to be taken in the morning and the other at night, without any hassle. Dr. Ray also made sure the dosage was mild, so as not to make me drowsy at work. The medications worked like a charm and my pain simply vanished over time. My work and life is back on track, and I feel fit as a fiddle. I am very grateful to Dr. Ray for ridding me of my pain. I strongly recommend him to anyone facing any kind of spine-related issues.

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