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Finding the Right Direction

Mr. Nikesh Gupta,

November 21, 2017

Never in my worst nightmare had I imagined that I would have to face the issue of hair loss! When you look at people of all ages around you losing their hair, you never think that you too could be a victim of such a tragic occurrence. When the initial signs of hair loss appeared, I brushed it off as normal, everyday shedding. I had read somewhere that the average person loses about a hundred hair strands a day and I attributed my hair fall to that. When I finally realized that my hair had started thinning and this was no normal shedding, the damage had been done.

Losing my hair did not just mar my looks, it was also a solid blow to my self-confidence. I started becoming conscious of my looks. Stepping out of the house every day became a task. Every time I looked in the mirror, I was reminded of my unpleasant condition. I decided it was time to go see a doctor. I booked my appointment with Dr. Palaskar on the Practo App. I had previously visited him for a skin problem after reading reviews on the app, and he had handled the issue very well. When I went to meet the doctor, I was fully prepared to undergo complex procedures like Plated Rich Plasma Treatment, which many other doctors suggest for hair regrowth. To my surprise, he didn’t ask me to undergo any such procedure. Instead, he proposed a simple, 3 month treatment to reduce further hair loss. The treatment worked very well, and my faith in his abilities strengthened.

Confident in his counsel, I asked him if I could move on to the next step of the treatment and undergo PRP sessions. He told me that it wasn’t the right time for a PRP. At first, I was disappointed but then he explained how the treatment is expensive and will only work as long as I get it done repeatedly. He was very honest and suggested that I focus on curbing hair fall rather than looking at hair regrowth. I never expected this kind of concern for a patient from a doctor.

Here I was willing to shell out 20,000-30,000 rupees, and the doctor could have easily misled me into pursuing the wrong treatment. Yet, he chose to guide me, offering the best advice I could have received. In these times, it is so rare to come across a doctor who wants to provide patients with the best treatment, even if that means less profit for him. I am still following his treatment and my hair loss is under control. He has also helped me regain my self-confidence. For his valuable advice and treatment, I would like to thank Dr. Palaskar from the bottom of my heart and recommend him to anyone suffering from dermatological troubles. I assure you that he will give you the best possible treatment. Thank you Dr. Palaskar and Practo.

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